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It’s that time of the year again when most people can barely even find time to rest, let alone put up the holiday lights and decorations. Obviously, everyone wants to decorate their homes and to participate in the festive cheer, but for many it’s more of a chaos than a joy. Many of us are preparing for the holiday season, but everyone dreads putting the Christmas lights up. It’s best to hire an experienced the best Phoenix Christmas lighting Decorators to take care of everything that you need this festive season. MM Holiday décor, offer the best Holiday light installation in Phoenix makes it simple for homeowners to have professional Christmas lighting installed easily. You simply log on to their website and their representatives will assist you with the rest.

christmas lighting decorators in Phoenix

Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor is the best Holiday light installer in Phoenix

The holiday season is exceptionally busy for everyone. You have a lot of things planned that you have been thinking about throughout the year; office gatherings, children’s’ parties, concerts, and recitals, stockings shopping and lots of family events to attend. With so much going on and then your bulbs go off or an unexpected storm hits your beautiful decoration, MM Holiday Décor, the best Phoenix Christmas lighting Decorators are just a call and they will come to your rescue even after they have installed the lights. An extremely professional team will always make sure that your beautiful holiday lights look perfect and unique all through the festive season. Their after sales support is exemplary since they fix your problems after installation as well.

Christmas is incomplete until you start seeing those twinkling lights hanging from the rooftops, sparkling in the gardens and trees and wrapped over the poles. From small to large, “Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor”, your Phoenix Christmas lighting Decorators can make any home look fantastic with whatever budget you have in your mind. No matter if it’s landscape, tree lighting or just roof lining, we turn homes into beautiful and a festive wonderland.

Watching them twinkling and sparkling, Christmas lights are a beautiful sight to any eye but there is a whole lot of hard work involved to create these beautiful displays. Imagine climbing high upon a terrific shaky ladder in the freezing cold of Phoenix also there is nothing jolly about that last burnt out bulb making your holiday light installation looking weird. Not only will a holiday lighting installer in Phoenix put your lights up but and they will take care of bringing the lighting down for you, and will also store them safely for until next year. So no need to reserve extra storage space in your basement or garage. You will have the same level of professional service from your holiday light installer in Phoenix each year.

An experienced Phoenix Christmas Decorator takes good care of every little thing for you so that you can enjoy listening to those soothing Christmas carols and sip on some extra hot cocoa. With a professional Holiday lighting installer in Phoenix handling your house lighting, you will have a lot less trouble during the holidays. The installation will be extra secure and highly durable. The display will most likely look a lot better than by any other Holiday light installer in Phoenix.

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The Best Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company


 When that time of year again rolls around it can be an exciting time. It can also be very stressful. You may be thinking this year of how you’re going to pull off putting up your amazing Christmas light display again. It’s no easy task and you may not even have the proper equipment to put the lights up on your own. We know it sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. It’s not unusual for people to have a box or more of Christmas lights rolled up. Over time the lights can get tangled and be a hassle to untangle.

You can end up spending a large sum of money just for staples alone to hang up your Christmas lights. After you do that you may find out some of the lights on your Christmas lights have burnt out. At this point you will have to put even more work into finding the bad lights so you can replace them. This takes away from time you should be spending with loved ones. Not decorating!

We Do Beautiful Displays as a Professional Christmas Lights Installation Company

During the holiday season your focus should be on loved ones. Not decorating the house! You should be focusing on spending the holiday season they way you want to. Even if it snows or not in Tuscon, you can still enjoy a nicely decorated home with Christmas lights without ever lifting a finger.

The best part about having us put up your Christmas lights for you. You still get to have your house decorated anyway you want! We care about your ideas and want you to have the best decorated house on the block! Finding the best way to make your schemes and plans to decorate your house can be exhausting on your own.


High Quality Christmas Light Installation

We offer the best, high quality Christmas light installation. Our goal is to provide the best services year round. We know during Christmas is one of the most important times you want your house to stand out. Your house may even be one of those houses that is talked about for years to come for being the best decorated house on the block. We promise to give you the best decorated house we can.

Why should you ever have to worry about installing Christmas lights on your own? Each of our packages comes with all the hardware needed to properly and correctly install the Christmas lights. Worried about a light going out? We offer maintenance too! We will make sure your Christmas lights stay on and look fabulous throughout the Christmas season. When the holiday season is over we will also clean up your Christmas lights for you! So every step of the way you never have to worry about a thing.

We know Tuscon is a beautiful city. We want to contribute to making it look the best during Christmas time. We do Commercial and Residential Christmas lighting. Please give us a call if you want your Christmas lights professionally installed this year!

Professional Christmas Lighting Installation in Phoenix

Phoenix Christmas House Decorations

When the holiday season rolls around it’s an exciting time for everyone. You get to focus on putting up a tree, buying Christmas presents for friends and family, and enjoying one of the best holidays of the year. When running all these errands you may not have the time or energy at the end of the day to put up your Christmas lights. At Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor we can put them up for you!

Types of  Christmas Lighting

We know how fun and stressful Christmas time can be. We want to help you avoid the headaches that come with it. After the holiday season is over we will even clean up the lights for you! We offer packages for putting up holiday lights. Each package contains all of the hardware necessary in order to turn your lovely home into the wonderful winter wonderland it truly is. We also offer Commercial and Residential lighting.

Worried about a light going out? No need to worry about that either! We offer maintenance throughout the Christmas season with each of our packages. If Santa has taught us one thing, it’s to take good care of you!

How to Get Your Own Professional Christmas Lighting

If you give us a call we will do a phone consultation. This is to help plan out the holiday dream home you have and turn it into reality. We can do just about any type of Christmas installation you can think of. We can do quaint and simple installation for your home to make it feel cozy. We can also cover your home from the bottom up in Christmas lights. Even when the New Year begins to roll around we will make sure to take down your Christmas lights. So your holiday feeling for the New Year when it rolls around won’t go away.

Another reason to have your Christmas lights professionally installed is because it’s one less headache to worry about. We realize the installation of Christmas lights may be a family tradition. However, in some cases people are not physically able or it’s not safe for them to put up the Christmas lights themselves. Christmas also happens to be a busy time of year and you may just not have the time or energy to put them up yourself. Christmas is a time to spend with the people you cherish not working on the latest holiday décor to beat your neighbors.

Christmas lights installation gives you a way to still make that statement of good cheer and a sense of the holiday season without ever lifting a finger. When friends or family pull into your driveway they will be greeted by a the stunning Christmas light display on your house. Even if you choose a simple installation your home will still exude a warm, cheerful holiday spirit.

When you have your Christmas light installation done you can make any statement you want. We have Christmas lights that are stylish and can represent your faith. We even have Christmas lights that celebrate Santa Clause and his eight amazing reindeer. There are so many possibilities to choose from. Even better, you don’t have to do a thing. We will do all the work for you!

Put the Enjoyment Back Into Holiday Decorating with Phoenix Christmas Decorators

If you’re like me you enjoy the beauty of Christmas lights strung up on houses around your neighborhood. You probably even do a little cruising to other areas to get a view of the style and creativity displayed by homeowners. As you drive home you’re feeling inspired and ready to tackle the job of putting up your own decorations; that feeling dissipates when you see how disheveled the lights and decorations are then memories flood back of past decoration attempts. Don’t get discouraged, we have the answer for you: Phoenix Christmas Decorators.

With our service you will not have to worry about untangling lights or climbing a precariously perched ladder. We have professional installation technicians that will do all of that for you throughout the Christmas season. And, as an added bonus, when you hire us to do the installation for you your package also includes regular maintenance. For instance, if a bulb burns out or if there is a wire shortage our technicians will respond quickly to fix the issue. I don’t know about you, but that makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

Phoenix Christmas Decorators

Getting started with Christmas lighting Installation Phoenix

Getting your Christmas lighting project started is simple. There will be a phone consultation to plan your ideas and get started on making them a reality and you will have the opportunity to choose the package that best fits your needs. (Each Christmas lighting package includes the hardware needed for installation.)

The packages are: Stocking Stuffer, Secret Santa, Nutcracker Suite, Elf’s Choice and Margie’s Magic. Please hoover your mouse over “Christmas” in the menu above to discover more details about each package. Within these choices your decorations can be anything you want: from modest and charming to your property being covered from the rooftop of your house to the tip of your lawn. Whatever your wishes, we can definitely exceed your expectations.

Let me give you a few ideas:

  • Religious themes
  • Winter wonderland wishes
  • Traditional with Santa and his reindeer

There are tons of possibilities. Are you getting excited yet?

Save time with Phoenix Christmas House Decorators

Just think about it, installing Christmas lights and decorations can be a very time-consuming process and, if you’re like a lot of other people, your busy schedule may not allow for the chunk of time it takes. Or, you may have reached a time in your life where installing the decorations yourself causes a huge safety risk. When you’re not going about the daily responsibilities that life brings, you should be able to relax and enjoy family and friends during the holiday season. Phoenix Christmas House Decorators understand that and we pride ourselves in taking that load off of your shoulders.

Speaking of saving time and relieving the load of outdoor decorations from your list, you also don’t have to worry about removing your outdoor decorations. When the season is over, Phoenix Christmas Decorators return to remove the lighting and decorations. This again takes the hassle of holiday decorating off of your to-do list. We are the favored lighting provider for holidays and occasions throughout the entire year, and we have hundreds of pleased clients to our credit.


Have the Brightest House on the Block with Phoenix Christmas House Decoration

As the Christmas season approaches, you do everything you can to get into the spirit. This includes baking, buying gifts for you loved ones, and, of course, decorating. Decorating your home has no limits. You can do whatever you want with both the inside and the outside of your property. You have your own style and personal idea of what looks good and what does not. When putting up Phoenix Christmas house decorations, the professionals from Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor are here to help. We want to help you make your home look absolutely stunning without a ton of unnecessary work involved.

Let us Help you with your Christmas Lighting Installation in Phoenix

Instead of risking your safety going up and down ladders and wasting your precious weekend time off with your family, allow our experts to come and do the Christmas lighting installation in Phoenix you are looking for. Your home will shine so brightly your neighbors will have to keep their shades down. With our help and a little bit of magic, we will make your home stand out. People will bring their families from all around to check out your display.

When doing a Christmas lighting installation in Phoenix, you want to be sure you have all the supplies you need. Our team carefully puts together each kit we have available to ensure your lights will go up and stay up for the duration of the holiday. If something starts to come down or if you are not satisfied with the way it looks, we will come back and provide you with superior maintenance services. Just give us a call and we will schedule a time that works for you to come out and repair the problem.

After the holiday is over, you do not want to have to go through the process of undoing your Christmas lighting installation in Phoenix. Our dedicated and reliable crew will come and do the work for you. Everything will be removed and put away carefully so that it can be used again and again. Next year, when the holiday is nearing, simply get in contact with our friendly staff, and we will come and reapply your display for you and your loved ones to enjoy once again.

Phoenix Christmas Decorators

We are the best Phoenix Christmas Decorators

The highly-trained team from Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor is standing by ready to start with your initial phone consultation. We will go over the details of what you are expecting and give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Simply give us a call at 1-866-710-8283 or 480-699-3965 to get started today. We are your number one Phoenix Christmas Decorators.

Along with Christmas decorations we can also assist you with residential and commercial displays for:

  • Parties

  • Weddings

  • Valentine’s Day

  • Mardi Gras

  • St. Patrick’s Day

  • Fourth of July

  • Cinco de Mayo

  • And much more!


Phoenix Christmas Decorators

Phoenix Christmas DecoratorsEveryone loves Christmas lights.  From the simple to the magnificent they inspire awe and add beauty to your holiday home.  Whether you take an official Christmas light tour or just cruise your neighborhood, it is part of the holiday season that we enjoy so much.  But even a small light display can be difficult for a variety of reasons.

A heavy work schedule, uninviting weather conditions, and so much other work to do in relation to Christmas – shopping, buying a tree and decorating it, baking, cleaning for an onslaught of friends and family visiting, and physical limitations and safety concerns.  You, for a variety of reasons, need Phoenix Christmas Decorators.

Hanging Around

What if I told you that you can have the best lighting display in your neighborhood?  Margie Mae Holiday Décor can give you just that.  The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger.  You don’t have to buy lights, hooks and hangers, replacement bulbs or a ladder.  If something goes wrong, you don’t have to do a thing then either.  A burned out bulb, strand that stops working, a loose hook, or anything you can think of, we will fix it.  This year your holiday display will be the best ever.

Ready to Party

Your house has been cleaned from top to bottom, your freezer, fridge, and pantry are stocked with everything imaginable for your Christmas party, dinner with family and friends, and all the special and traditional foods that really say Christmas to you.  Imagine the faces of your guests when they drive up and see your gorgeous Christmas light display!

The buzz of admiring guests will last all evening and every year they will remember how awesome your home looked.  And you can top that the next year.  Now instead of planning how little you can do to just get by, you can instead be planning how grand your house will be every year.

Package Deal

We have a package for every budget and all packages include all hardware needed for hanging your lights, a phone consultation with our lighting specialist, all maintenance required to keep your home lit up, removal and storage.  It’s a no-stress solution to holiday décor.

Stocking Stuffer Package includes 750 white lights for a roofline and one tree, or three bushes.  This is a beautiful classic look that gives a nice bright enhancement for something subdued but still eye-catching, proving you don’t have to go all out with something you might not be comfortable with.  You don’t necessarily want to light up the block, you just want festive and homey.

Secret Santa Package takes it up a notch with 1,000 LED lights in white or color.  This says cozy and festive while, again, being a little inconspicuous.  If you want your house to look as if you did it yourself without actually having to do the work this is a good choice.

Nutcracker Sweet Package is a really beautiful display of 2,000 lights custom designed by you or our lighting designer.  This package offers icicle lights, color mini-LED, wreaths, and garland.  This package has the wow factor.  It doesn’t say crazy light display; it says class with a touch of the magical.

Elf’s Choice Package really gets your holiday decorating sizzling with 3,000 lights with icicles, color LEDs, 18 ft. garland and wreaths in 36” and 48”.  This leaves subtle behind and it’s a really magnificent bang for your buck.  This display will be remembered until next year where you duplicate or surpass it again.

Margie’s Magic Package is for the creative genius in you.  You can use a standard package as a jumping off point then customize your vision of holiday magic.  This is not for the faint at heart.

Margie Mae is your lighting specialist making all occasions memorable with lighting designed with you in mind.



Tucson Christmas House Decorators

Tucson Christmas House Decorators


If you’re a fan of decorated homes during the Christmas season, then you’ll know the struggle and frustrations they can bring. It’s no fun to fight the boxes stored away in your basement or garage, drag them out into the open and find nothing but a mess of lights in them. It’s a frustrating task to untangle them all and find the ladder, then risk your safety and health to try and hang the lights in a semi-recognizable pattern. It gets old really quickly. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still want a decorated house every year. Is it worth the hassle and the resentment that the holidays will bring?

Of course not! That’s why Margie Mae Holiday Décor is here to help. We’re there for when it’s too much, when just the thought of getting those boxes out makes you sad or resigned. We don’t want your holidays to start off sad or full of frustration, especially since everyone deserves a great Christmas. So don’t let your holidays bring you down. Bring in the Tucson Christmas house decorator experts for a beautiful hassle-free Christmas home.

Keep Christmas Bright

No one wants a dark and dreary Christmas, especially not in sunny Tucson. The weather has finally cooled down to an acceptable temperature, and the wind is brisk enough for hot chocolate. When Christmas comes around, don’t let the lack of a white Christmas dampen your spirits, especially with such a time-honored tradition as Christmas lights. If you’re no longer able to climb up that ladder, or doing so makes you want to cry, then let us do the hard work. We decorate dozens of homes every year, and even offer corporate lighting for nearly every event. We’re professionals at this, and can get your lighting up in a fraction of the time. We work efficiently and safely to make your holiday season bright.

Our Superb Services

If you’ve got an idea in mind for what you want your home to look like, then great! When you call us, we’ll ask you for your ideas, and make sure that we make your dream come to life. And if you have no idea what you want your home shine with, don’t worry, we’ve got quite a list of ideas. You won’t even have to worry about your home looking like everyone else on the street. We don’t like the idea of decorating everyone’s home the same way, so we do our best to make your house a unique slice of Christmas.

Every service package we offer contains the basics, including the efficient installation of lights. We’ll first have a phone appointment with you, figuring out what you’d like on your home, whether it’s a religious decoration or nothing but snowmen. Then we’ll come and install the lights, making sure that everything works and is safely secured. If something goes wrong during the season, don’t worry, maintenance is part of the package! We’ll come back in to fix the problem, whether it’s a broken light or exposed wiring. Then at the end of the holidays, we’ll be there to take the lights back down.

Lighting up your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be a punishment, and you don’t have to try and find the time in your busy schedule to wrestle with the lights. Margie Mae has strong and capable people who are ready to wrestle in your place, and for an incredibly affordable price.  We keep your holiday season bright in many different ways, and keep your holiday cheer hassle and worry-free. Try us out today! New customers receive $100 off their first holiday season! Call now at 1-866-710-8283 or 480-699-3965 for a beautifully lit home every year!

Phoenix Christmas House Decorations

Phoenix Christmas House Decorations


Merry Christmas! Time to get out the balls of tangled wire and lights that are supposed to decorate your home. Lighting up your home is a family tradition, and you’ll be asked every day why you don’t have lights up yet. Time to set aside an entire day for wrestling with the lights and trying to get them up in the quickest, somewhat organized way that you can. These things can be such a hassle, but really, what more can you do? You can call Margie Mae Holiday Décor to do the hard work for you!

We have our own brand of Christmas magic, and help spread the cheer all around Phoenix every year. If you’d like to be the envy of the neighborhood, and don’t want to struggle all day with ladders and tangled wires, then just call us. We come out and make your home the Christmas dream you always wished it to be. Don’t worry, we’ll ensure that your lights all work, and that they’re attached securely to your home. While we know you won’t really be worrying about a snowstorm, we do want your home kept brightly lit for the entire holiday season. We provide the best Christmas house decorations in Phoenix to dozens of houses every year, so why not give us a try?

What Comes With Margie Mae’s Decorations

If you choose us for your lighting needs, not only will we come over and install your lights, we’ll untangle the wires, check the lights, ensure that there’s no exposed wiring, hang the lights securely, and even come back to remove the lights once Christmas is over. We won’t hand you another tangle of lights, either. We’ll store them away properly, so that they’ll be easier to handle next year. If you’re hoping for something specific, don’t worry. The process starts with a phone consultation, so that we can get an idea of what you want your home to be decorated with. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you want, with any message you want to share. Whether you’re religious or all about Rudolph, your Christmas decorations will be you to a ‘T’, and will spread your Christmas cheer throughout Phoenix.

We even take care of you between installation and taking the lights down! If your lights short out, or something happens, we’ll be there to fix it, and keep your lights functioning perfectly through thick and thin. You’ll get regular maintenance of your lights, keeping them picture perfect every day of the season.

Our Christmas Packages

Whether you want something simple to light up your home, or you feel like going all out with your decorating, we’ve got the package for you. Every package is simply laid out, giving you no surprise or hidden fees. And if you look at our packages and find that you want something more or less than what we have, don’t worry! Our Margie’s Magic Package is a purely custom package. You get exactly what you ask for, and we’ll take care of the rest. You never have to worry about getting some sort of uniform decoration that everyone else gets, no matter which package you choose.

At Margie Mae Holiday Décor, we aim to bring the sparkle and shine to any event, anywhere in Phoenix. We offer the best services for the best price, and provide a long list of benefits that very few others can match. Not everybody would come back to fix a broken light or exposed wire, and not everyone would be able to promise safe installation with constant maintenance. So why not give us a try? New customers get $100 off their first purchase, and if you’re not satisfied, just let us know! Call us today at 1-866-710-8283 or 480-699-3965 for your Christmas magic!

Tuscon Christmas House Decorations

Make your home into a winter wonderland with our Tucson Christmas Decorators!

One of the best things about the holiday season is being able to decorate your home according to the holiday. By far, the biggest holiday for decorating is, of course, Christmas! There is just something about Christmas that makes everyone so festive and happy, it is just a joyous time for everyone! One of the best parts of anyone’s Christmas experience is driving around looking at all of the Christmas lights in neighborhoods and businesses. To many families, it’s fun to have their house fully decorated with lights and with fun themes on the exterior of their house. However, putting up the lights is not a fun thing to do! The lights installation process is tiring, time-consuming and actually, very dangerous.

Having to get up on the rooftop of your home or having to climb up a tall ladder can be extremely anxiety-ridden with fears of falling and injuring oneself. When it comes to Christmas, the season is already stressful enough with large crowds and having to entertain family members. Your lights decorations shouldn’t add to that stress! That’s why we at Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor have come up with a way to relieve you of some of the stressors of the holiday season, by becoming the best Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company in the area! Let us help you decorate, while you admire the finished product!


Why your Tuscon Christmas House Decorations should be installed by us

Tucson Christmas House Decorations

We at Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor seek to make your life a little easier by helping you with your exterior decorations for the holiday season. Even if you have no idea what type of lights and outdoor theme you would like, we can still help you. We are happy to start the process with a free phone consultation so we can go over your wants and needs. We can help you decide what type of lights will be best for your home and wants so you can get the best outcome! Also, we will install the lights for you so you don’t have to worry about untangling feet of lights, finding broken bulbs and many other light installation stresses! Our experienced workers are trained to do this, so we know that we can installed your lights precisely to your wants and do so safely and in a short period of time. So, what happens if, after your lights are installed, a light breaks and causes all of the lights to not work? Not a problem at all! We will send a technical maintenance team out to fix whatever problems you may be having with your lights as soon as possible so you don’t waste a single day in the Christmas season without lights. And, after it is all over, we will come and un-install and put away your lights for you whenever it is you want.

We not only do residential homes, but also help commercial businesses put up their holiday decor! Adding lights to your business makes your company stand out and adding lights to your residential home makes you the envy of the neighborhood! Included in all of our packages is all of the essential hardware needed to install and take down your lights, because we really do not want you to worry about a single thing in the process! You can also pick from several different light packages to fit your needs, from over 3,000 lights to only a few hundred. Our variety of light packages assure you that your wants and needs are met completely. Contact us at Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor to prepare for the Christmas season and start feeling jolly!

Phoenix Christmas Decorators

 Have a stress-free holiday season with Phoenix Christmas Decorators help!


The Christmas season can be stressful. The need to buy gifts for everyone in your life, all the while dealing with insane crowds, family coming to visit and having to bake and cook for everyone…can be stress and anxiety-inducing, to say the least. Everyone loves to decorate their home for Christmas, as it’s a show of holiday spirit and the finished product tends to look fabulous! However, decorating the outside of your home with lights can add to the stress of the holiday season. Applying lights to the outside of your home can be time-consuming, usually taking all day for a job well-done. Along with that, it can be scary to have to use a ladder and climb up steep slopes and get on rooftops to fix the lights upon your home’s exterior.

When it comes down to it, installing lights on your home’s exterior is downright dangerous to complete alone! That’s why we at Phoenix Christmas House Decorations want to help you put up your holiday decor. With our experienced workers, you’ll never have to worry about the time it takes to make your lights look beautiful, the headache it brings when you realize one bulb doesn’t worry or the anxiety it gives you to be on a tall ladder near the roof of your home. We want you to focus on what really matters in the holiday season: being with the ones you love. So, let us do complete your Christmas lighting installation Phoenix for you so you can get back to spending time with the people that matter the most.

Why you should chose Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor to help you with your lights

The reasons that you should chose us at MM Holiday Decor to help install and maintain your Christmas lights in endless. First of all, by hiring professionals to install the lights, you are able to add more complexity and maybe more of a light show to your home’s exterior than you would if you were doing it by yourself. If you have an idea for your lights, but have no way how to accomplish it, we will be able to do it for you. If you don’t have an idea, that’s okay, too! We at Margie Mae’s will schedule a free phone consultation with you so we can figure out what exactly it is you want for your holiday decor theme and how we will go about accomplishing that. You are also able to create a theme with your lights that show off your personality. We will be able to do that, as well. Don’t want to purchase the lights yourself? That’s okay! We at Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor offer lighting packages complete with different sets of lights for you to choose from, for whatever theme you are going for! With our fabulous installation package also comes regular maintenance.

If a light bulb blows, there’s no need for you to have to fix it! We will send out a technical maintenance crew that is ready to fix your lighting problem at a moment’s notice. We will also make sure to come take down the lights after Christmas is over, of course! With our help, your home will be the winter wonderland that everyone is jealous of this year! When people pass by your home, they will be wondering just how you got the light on so perfectly and how you came up with such a brilliant holiday decor idea! Let us take care of this stress for you while you enjoy the company of the ones you love. No one has to know! (Well, maybe Santa will know!)