Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor are the Best Phoenix Christmas Decorators

Outdoor Christmas decorations are one of the things many people look forward to come wintertime. The nights get longer, but Christmas lights make those nights glitter. However, putting up those Christmas lights is a hassle. Unless, of course, you hire a professional company install your exterior holiday decorations. Read on to see why Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor is one of the best presents you can give yourself this holiday season!Phoenix Christmas Lighting

Professional Design for Beautifully Decked Halls

Every late autumn we see holiday lights of all kinds on the exterior of many homes. Some of the displays are beautiful. Others, however, could use a professional touch. Let Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor ensure that your home will glitter in style this holiday season. We offer many glitzy packages to suit all budgets and tastes. Through our consultation you’ll realize that your holiday décor dreams can be realized with a professional holiday decorating company. We even offer an unlimited Christmas Package that includes a completely custom Christmas Light design! With our help, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor is a Full Service Lighting Installer

When you choose to go with the top Phoenix Christmas Decorators (that’s us), you are provided with the best customer service around. All of our installations come with full service maintenance as a part of the package. It all begins with a phone call to our experts for a consultation on how to turn your house into a winter wonderland!  We will then install the lights on your home. If a light were to go out, we will come back to fix the problem, its all part of the contract. Furthermore, we will even take down all of the lights and other holiday decorations for you! We pride ourselves in providing a truly stress free experience for our customers and making already beautiful Phoenix sparkle under the holiday cheer.

Safety with Phoenix Christmas House Decorations

We are all familiar with the comedic story of Dad getting up on a shaky ladder to put up the Christmas lights, some sort of hijinks ensue and Dad ends up falling off of the roof or ladder to the laughter of the audience—but he ultimately ends up okay. However, falling off of a ladder or the roof is no laughing matter. A person can break a bone or sustain fatal injuries. This is why putting up your holiday cheer should be done by professional Phoenix Christmas Decorators. We specialize in Phoenix Christmas House Decorations. Most importantly, we are knowledgeable in how to install holiday decorations safely. Furthermore, our decorations will also be safe for you and your home. Tripping over extension wires will be a hazard of the past when you choose to let Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor deck your halls!

Foster Holiday Cheer with Our Christmas Lighting Installation, Phoenix!

Putting Christmas lights on your home may be a family tradition, but too often the holiday décor application on the home that is supposed to bring joy and cheer ends up bringing headaches and tempers. Besides, lighting up your eaves is time spent away from spreading holiday cheer with other friends and family.  Let your family enjoy the holiday season with a new, stress free, tradition, and allow us, the premiere Phoenix Christmas Decorators, to professionally apply lights to your home’s exterior. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds. A beautiful Christmas Lighting Installation, in Phoenix, upon your holiday home and all the time you need with your loved ones over the holidays.

Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company will Dazzle your Spirits this Season!

We are the premier Tucson Christmas Decorators with five light installation packages to choose from.  Some of the best residential or commercial Christmas lights come from creative Christmas holiday decorators like us.  Our overall attention to detail including our rigorous work we put into decorating your house or business will have a lasting, professional impression for all those who pass by during this holiday season. Let us do the work for you. We have the hardware and the experience to get your home or business ready this season. Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company will serve your family or business’ lighting needs and goals to fulfill a dazzling holiday experience that will mesmerize all passer-bys.  Getting into the holiday spirit with Margie Mae’s Holiday décor is what you’ll need to have a stress-free holiday season.

DSC_3523Tucson Christmas Decorators with Custom Design Experience

Have Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor’s creative decorators custom-design your home or business this season with some of the best holiday lighting displays.  Our Tucson Christmas decorators take pride in exterior lighting and decorating.  We will display the best possible holiday light creation for your home or business which will dazzle your holiday spirit for your family’s holiday season that will sure make a professional impression.

Creating a custom design is what Tucson Christmas decorators specialize in.  We’ll work with you and your family this holiday season and be sure to appropriately light up your existing property to the Christmas spirit your family will enjoy.  Without making your Christmas lighting looking “tacky” or unprofessional for your home or business is a number one rule on our Christmas list.    Our decorators specialize in the lighting business so you don’t have to.  We have spent many holidays utilizing trendy décor for this very reason. Reflecting on your family or company’s belief in the holiday tradition is simply not enough.  We’ll design and decorate according to your requests and install the right amount of lights to meet your needs.

We have adequate supplies, such as hardware, labor, time, and not to mention, LIGHTS, to safely secure the right project for you this holiday season. Be merry and get into the spirit this Christmas season. It will allow you time to shop and relax while we work on what we do best; install and decorate.

Our Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company offers packages that are sure to get noticed.  All Margie Mae’s holiday packages include the hardware, phone lighting decorator consultation, maintenance, if needed, throughout the season for professional installation of your Christmas decorations. Again this will include removal and storage, and naturally, if you have a second floor you want decorated, we can work that too, with an additional fee of course.

 Tucson Christmas Decorations Packages

Here are our holiday lighting packages to choose from:

Stocking Stuffer Light Installation Package

Up to 750 lights: All warm white 5mm LED lights only. Roof line and one tree, or three bushes. (One story homes with wood eves only)

 Secret Santa Christmas Light Installation Package Includes

Up to 1000 LED lights: any combination of warm white 5mm icicle, warm white or any color 5mm LED.

Nutcracker Suite

Up to 2000 lights: any combination of icicle, color mini-LED, 36” LED wreath, 18 feet of lit garland, and 48” LED wreath.

Elf’s Choice

Up to 3000 lights: any combination of icicle, color mini-LED, 36” LED wreath, 18 feet of lit garland, and 48” LED wreath

Margie’s Magic

This package is completely custom and includes whatever your heart’s desire. Any standard package can be a starting place and then be customized to accommodate your desired vision.


Remember, our installers will provide everything.  Maintenance during the season for a “stress-free” installation as well as removal and storage, plus Margie Mae’s Décor professional decorating designs including hardware (…timers, clips and extensions) and all you need is to provide the plug-in; in other words, the electricity.

For special rates during this holiday season contact us and for first-timers,   you’ll get signed up for our “free tips on decorating” newsletter!

Let’s get started.  It’s easy! Fill out our form or call us at 1-866-710-8283 and 480-699-3965Margie Mae’s Holiday Décor. We will give you a FREE phone consultation in minutes!

How to Honor Family Members with Military Christmas Decorations

Do you have a loved one in the military service? If so, consider providing them a unique Christmas by decorating your Christmas tree and home with military Christmas decorations.

You can find military items around which are turned into Christmas decorations, from Christmas balls to engraved ornaments. Some of these you can hang on your Christmas tree include branch-specific military hats, a pair of army boots, or an insignia of a given branch.

You could even opt to create personalized Christmas ornaments for your loved one. Christmas decorators are constantly thinking of creative ideas making it easy to find a military-themed tree-topper. Consider crafting a patriotic Christmas wreath, or a centerpiece for your dinner table that honors your loved one’s military branch and his or her accomplishments. If you’ve got the time for your Christmas light installation and the will, you can easily incorporate ornaments with your lights from scratch. Recipes for salt dough are easily found with a quick Google search for “salt dough ornament instructions”. Your skill and creativity are the only limits on the final results. Finally, if you’re really motivated or artistically skilled, you can make an ornament out of ceramic, wood, embroidery, or even metal.

Christmas Decoration Installation for Military Members.

When you want the world to see your celebration of a loved one’s military service get a Christmas Decoration Installation Phoenix from MMholiday.   Plenty of outdoor Christmas decorations provide a way to show off your Christmas spirit and pride in the American military. A Christmas light installer can help you choose a string of lights and outdoor Christmas decore with patriotic pennants, and red, white and blue garlands and wreaths outside the house for the Christmas season.

Last but not least, another option for the commemoration of your family member’s service is to simply give him or her military gifts. There a wide range of these available and quite a few are branch-specific. For example, some army gifts include a musical wall clock, an army watch, a high quality army ring, or even a plush hamster in camo that sings the U.S. Army’s “The Caissons Go Rolling Along” anthem.

As you can tell, military Christmas decorations allow for a festive means to commemorate the service of your family member to our great country in a way that they are going to value for many Christmas seasons in years to come. The available choices are numerous, but every one of them appropriately show your military family member that you value his or her service to the American people.

Chistmas Decorations for Military Members.

Looking for Tucson Christmas Decorators?

Tucson Christmas House Decorations

The air is a little colder and the stifling heat has worn down from the desert. This can only mean one thing: fall is in the air, and soon the holiday season will arrive in full swing. If you’re dreading the tiresome ritual of putting up Christmas lights, or simply don’t have the time this year to do it yourself, you can always hire Tucson Christmas decorators to do the job in a fast, efficient, and inexpensive manner that makes your house the shining star of the neighborhood.

The Beauty of Christmas Lights

No matter where in the United States you live, or how cold it gets, it’s always festive and fun to put Christmas lights up over your house or building. Popular Tucson Christmas house decorations include lights of all colors that can twinkle brilliantly or flash on and off. Some lights resemble icicles and can be hung along the balconies and roof of your house, while other lights can decorate the trees outside. Regardless of the lights you choose, you can decorate to your heart’s content and use your imagination to create a holiday paradise.

The Hassle of Christmas Lights

However, the reality of hanging up dozens of wires isn’t a pleasant one. Dozens of people are injured every year falling off ladders to hang lights along the outside of their houses. It’s a laborious, time-consuming, and sometimes dangerous process that can result in injuries around the holiday season. If you’re thinking about a beautiful light display for your home or business, but don’t have the time to do it or don’t want to risk injury, you can always hire a local company, such as the Tucson Christmas Light Installation Company, to help out.

Tucson Christmas Decorators Can Help You Out

Whether you need residential or commercial help, you can always find a few friendly faces to set up a beautiful light display. You’ll begin the process by consulting with an expert who can assist you in planning your Christmas lights. Not sure where you want to hang the lights? You can always ask the experts for suggestions- they specialize in crafting displays for a living. Once you’ve settled on a plan, a team of Tucson Christmas decorators will implement your ideas in your home or workplace. They’re trained professionals who understand the complexity of large-scale commercial light displays as well as smaller, more intimate Christmas house decorations. They’ll do all the installation work to ensure that your house twinkles and shines with beautiful icicle lighting. Best of all, your local Tucson Christmas decorators will maintain the display for you. If you’re planning an event or hosting a party, the last thing you want to worry about is the Christmas lights going out. If the bulbs go out, you can simply call the maintenance number and get it fixed so your building’s nice and bright again. When the season is over, the team will remove the lights quickly and inexpensively so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of removing a display. You also won’t have to fret about storing huge lengths of Christmas lighting in your basement or attic. Your local Tucson Christmas house decorations company will easily store your lighting displays for you until next year. Christmas lights are beautiful, but they can be time-consuming and dangerous to install. Getting help with the process, as well as consults on the design, allows you a worry-free and beautiful display that evokes the beauty of the holidays without the hassle. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution that brings you peace of mind and more time to spend during the holidays with your loved ones.