Phoenix Christmas Decorators

Phoenix Christmas DecoratorsEveryone loves Christmas lights.  From the simple to the magnificent they inspire awe and add beauty to your holiday home.  Whether you take an official Christmas light tour or just cruise your neighborhood, it is part of the holiday season that we enjoy so much.  But even a small light display can be difficult for a variety of reasons.

A heavy work schedule, uninviting weather conditions, and so much other work to do in relation to Christmas – shopping, buying a tree and decorating it, baking, cleaning for an onslaught of friends and family visiting, and physical limitations and safety concerns.  You, for a variety of reasons, need Phoenix Christmas Decorators.

Hanging Around

What if I told you that you can have the best lighting display in your neighborhood?  Margie Mae Holiday Décor can give you just that.  The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger.  You don’t have to buy lights, hooks and hangers, replacement bulbs or a ladder.  If something goes wrong, you don’t have to do a thing then either.  A burned out bulb, strand that stops working, a loose hook, or anything you can think of, we will fix it.  This year your holiday display will be the best ever.

Ready to Party

Your house has been cleaned from top to bottom, your freezer, fridge, and pantry are stocked with everything imaginable for your Christmas party, dinner with family and friends, and all the special and traditional foods that really say Christmas to you.  Imagine the faces of your guests when they drive up and see your gorgeous Christmas light display!

The buzz of admiring guests will last all evening and every year they will remember how awesome your home looked.  And you can top that the next year.  Now instead of planning how little you can do to just get by, you can instead be planning how grand your house will be every year.

Package Deal

We have a package for every budget and all packages include all hardware needed for hanging your lights, a phone consultation with our lighting specialist, all maintenance required to keep your home lit up, removal and storage.  It’s a no-stress solution to holiday décor.

Stocking Stuffer Package includes 750 white lights for a roofline and one tree, or three bushes.  This is a beautiful classic look that gives a nice bright enhancement for something subdued but still eye-catching, proving you don’t have to go all out with something you might not be comfortable with.  You don’t necessarily want to light up the block, you just want festive and homey.

Secret Santa Package takes it up a notch with 1,000 LED lights in white or color.  This says cozy and festive while, again, being a little inconspicuous.  If you want your house to look as if you did it yourself without actually having to do the work this is a good choice.

Nutcracker Sweet Package is a really beautiful display of 2,000 lights custom designed by you or our lighting designer.  This package offers icicle lights, color mini-LED, wreaths, and garland.  This package has the wow factor.  It doesn’t say crazy light display; it says class with a touch of the magical.

Elf’s Choice Package really gets your holiday decorating sizzling with 3,000 lights with icicles, color LEDs, 18 ft. garland and wreaths in 36” and 48”.  This leaves subtle behind and it’s a really magnificent bang for your buck.  This display will be remembered until next year where you duplicate or surpass it again.

Margie’s Magic Package is for the creative genius in you.  You can use a standard package as a jumping off point then customize your vision of holiday magic.  This is not for the faint at heart.

Margie Mae is your lighting specialist making all occasions memorable with lighting designed with you in mind.