My mom always loved the holidays, especially Christmas

To brilliantly design and create an array of lights and decor that you will be proud to display for the entire season or that one amazing event. Through our impeccable customer service and attention to the smallest details, our goal is to dazzle you with an amazing result at an unbelievable value.
“It was her favorite time of the year for many reasons … family, love, delicious home cooked meals, gingerbread cookies … but one reason that stood out was all the festive lights and the beautiful decorations on display.”

Mom loved the lights

“From as early on as I can remember, dad and I would hang up lights all around the house. He was very particular about using the blue old-school C-9 glass. We would hang the wire first and then go back and install the bulbs facing all the same direction. It was a tedious process and I can’t say that I enjoyed it, but … man did it look great. Mom instilled the joy of Christmas in me and dad instilled the process of bringing the decorations to life … always creating a unique experience. These are some of my earliest memories, most favorite memories and most certainly formative memories.”

We lost mom to cancer in 2002

“This strong, larger than life, woman … died of the very disease that most of her young patients struggled with during her time of being a nurse in the pediatric oncology ward. She worked with children and brought them comfort. In her memory, we support a local charity called Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels that creates specialized shirts for children who have chemo ports.

When dad sold their home, he gave me all the Christmas stuff and it went into my garage for safe keeping. In 2008, while cleaning out the garage, I came upon all those blue lights… the memories and feelings came rushing through. It was a disservice to let these beautiful lights sit in my garage instead of being enjoyed by people during some of the most special moments in their lives.

I wanted to spread the joy that was instilled in me by my mother all those years ago. Mom taught me how to work hard, take care of others and love what I do… and it was at that moment that Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor was born. The logo and the blue lights are an homage to mom and her strength. As a generational family business, we take personal pride in crafting every single holiday and event decor to create a most memorable experience… from our family, to yours.”

~ Scott McQuade
Vice President Sales

“Customer service is not a department…it’s an attitude!”