Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree to Margie Mae’s Holiday Decor (MMHD) may utilize fasteners, attachments or adhesives to adhere decorations to your home or property. MMHD may also be required to access plants or building structures including your roof to complete the installation. While MMHD will take great care while performing services, you understand and agree that MMHD is not responsible for incidental damage caused during the setup, maintenance or removal of the holiday decorations. All leased material and decorations are property of MMHD. Damage to leased items caused by theft, vandalism or third party maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Claims for any lighting or decorating issues. Terms EIFS/Stucco Customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that contractor is not liable for any damage to EIFS siding or building materials or coatings or paint. EIFS is specifically excluded from the insurance policy of contractor and customer agrees to hold contractor harmless from any liability. Customer accepts full responsibility for and accepts that the use of any adhesive or attachments to any EIFS or stucco like façade may cause damage.

By signing below you agree to the following terms and conditions: (1) If indicated above a deposit will be required prior to service. (2) The customer agrees to pay the full amount of the estimate and/or invoice upon completion of installation. A late fee of 5% of balance due per month will be applied to overdue accounts. Property liens may be applied on accounts and not removed until accounts are paid in full. (3) MMHD is authorized to enter the above property and use the equipment and methods necessary to perform the described service. MMHD is not responsible for inadequate electricity of GFCI receptacles tripping due to rain or irrigation. (4) All leased material is property of MMHD. Damage to material caused by theft,vandalism or third party maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer. (5) Claims must be made no later than 3 days after completion of installation.