Weddings! We love the whole thing!

We love weddings, brides, grooms, proposals, engagements, small ceremonies, big ceremonies, eloping, promising you’ll always be there, dancing, food, family, friends – the whole thing! We love the whole thing, and we are so lucky to have been part of so many weddings in our time. We understand the importance of these events and we take honor and pride in filling them with wonder. Our creative approach to wedding design promises one-of-a-kind events, and memorable, fresh beginnings for everyone attending.

Love is Beauty. Both are imperfect, and no matter your stance on marriage, love is worth celebrating. One constantly searches for love, so seemingly elusive, in reality. Weddings are a physical and temporal manifestation, or expression, of love.

The wedding planning process is not quite as simple. There are infinite intangible aspects of planning and producing that go into the big day. The decor and lighting are some of very few that guests will even see.